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Each and every one of us is unique, and so are our wellness journeys.

Despite any differences, there is one quality we all share:

We are all designed to heal.

Each and every day, our bodies are constantly working and adjusting to maintain healthy balance and flow.


When there is balance and flow, there is optimal function and health. It is when the body is pushed beyond its current limit or an acute injury has occurred that imbalances and/or a disruption in flow can occur- leading to physical and/or emotional symptoms.

These symptoms may include: digestive distress, sleep disturbances, allergies, menstrual irregularities/PMS, skin ailments, mental-emotional distress, or any number of musculoskeletal ailments. It is in these times when the body may benefit greatly from a little guidance, a gentle nudge in the right direction, and a little support in order to heal fully and efficiently.


Herbal remedies provide that support. They are wonderful allies in the healing process. They gently yet effectively help the body regain balance and optimal flow once again.

Wild Bergamot/Monarda fistulosa flowers with a bee in a prarie.
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