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Herbal Consultations

A one-on-one herbal consultation is an opportunity for you to get an individualized herbal protocol that is specific to you and your indivdiual concerns or pattern of imbalance. If desired, or if it is deemed potentially helpful to the healing process, I may provide nutritional and lifestyle guidance within the consultation.

An initial consultation lasts 1.5-2 hours. In that time, we will discuss:

  • your current health concern(s)

  • your health history

  • other questions that may arise that will give me a better overall picture of your health and wellbeing

I will then utilize pulse and muscle testing as well as tongue reading (all non-invasive techniques) to determine which herbal remedies will best suit you. You will bring these remedies home with you the same day. Remedies include tinctures flower essences, and/or salves.

Follow-up consultations are often recommended 3-6 weeks after the initial consult. These visits are between 30-60 minutes, during which we will discuss any changes you’ve experienced, review the remedies you had been using, and re-test to determine if any remedies need to be changed or added.

Consultations are scheduled by appointment only. My main office is located in Mankato, MN, however I do occasionally set up an office in Zumbrota and Rochester, MN. This page will be updated regularly with my schedule.


Mankato, MN

Every Monday and Friday

Contact for availability on


Zumbrota, MN

@WildMother - 236 S Main St

Every 4th Thursday of the month:

May 23rd

Rochester, MN

((Coming soon.))


A bowl of harvested plantain leaves.

Initial Consultation: $160 (90-120 minutes)

Follow-up Consultations (30-60 minutes): $80/ hour, prorated. $50 minimum.

Remedies: average $20-40 per visit in addition to the consultation fee

Supplements: may be ordered directly through my Fullscript Dispensary with a

15% discount. Shipping is free with an order over $50.

*I accept cash and check only.

**Children can be seen for an initial consult with a reduced time and fee.

Please contact me in advance to inquire about pricing.

About the Herbal Remedies

Nearly all of the remedies that I offer for sale I make myself. I grow or ethically and

sustainably wild harvest for the plant material needed to make the remedies. If I do not grow the plant myself or the plant cannot be found in this bioregion, I source the plant from a trusted, reputable source. All remedies are made using high quality ingredients. Chemical additives or fragrances are never used.

I make both tinctures and salves. A tincture is an alcohol-based remedy that is used either internally or topically.  I use vodka or brandy as the base of my tinctures. A salve is an oil-based remedy that is used topically. Sunflower oil is the primary base oil used in the salves.

A bundle of freshly harvested calendula flowers.
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