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Plant Walk Dates


Throughout the warmer months, let's get to know the medicinal and edible plants that grow all around us! On a plant walk, you can expect to learn plant identification, plant names (common and botanical latin), as well as some of the ways in which the plant can be worked with and sustainable harvesting practices. Plant walks are interactive as we will walk around local areas (parks, properties, etc.) and observe, touch, and taste the plants as we go. Each and every plant walk will be different- depending on location, time of year, and which plants we come across!



-None at this time-

** Check back in the spring of 2024! **


Bark Collection Workshop

A hands-on, introductory class to learn about medicinal barks and preparations

Saturday, March 9th - 2:00pm-4:00pm ~ Mankato

This class is completely outside.


Winter and very early spring are a dormant time for most plants but that does not mean that there isn’t harvesting that can be done for our home apothecaries. Barks are just one of the medicinals that can be harvested during this season and during this workshop, students will learn the basics of harvesting bark and how to prepare the bark for medicinal purposes. Alcohol and oil preparations will both be covered.

On our walk, we will spend extra time learning about Bur Oak, Crampbark, and Red Osier but we will also encounter Elder, Eastern Red Cedar, Sumac, and Roses. We may even identify some of the baby medicinal and edible plants along the way.

Exchange: $35


Kara will contact you with meeting location upon receipt of registration and payment.

Check or Venmo only to hold your place.

Checks can be mailed to: Kara Swenson, 1031 Jace Dr., Mankato, MN 56001

Venmo: @thistlepatchwellness

*24-hour notice of cancellation required for refund.

Additional Offerings:

Personal Plant Walks

If you have a place that you would love me to lead a plant walk at - be it your favorite park or your own property - let me know! I would love to spend an hour with you to show you the medicinal plants that grow there. This could be just for you or you could invite a couple friends/family/neighbors to join! Contact me to discuss details.

Collaborate with Me

Are there other ways I can share my skills and knowledge with you? Is there a class or a topic you would like me to share with your staff or organization? I am open to disucssing ideas with you!

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